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However, a doena must be linked here.<br>
However, a doena must be linked here.<br>
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== Place order ==
== Place order ==
We have prepared a video for you for this purpose. You can download and watch the video on the following link: <br>
We have prepared a video for you for this purpose. You can download and watch the video on the following link: <br>

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We have prepared a video for you for this purpose. You can download and watch the video on the following link:

To register as a reseller in the TERRA CLOUD Center, follow the address provided here:

The TERRA CLOUD Center should already be selected here in the drop-down menu.
To register for the first time click on the button "New here? Register now!".

Startseite EN.png

First steps in Cloud Center

Create reseller account

If you do not have a reseller account with Wortmann AG yet, you can find here a form, which you please fill out and send to
There you will be assigned a customer number, with which you can then proceed.

Username and password

Here please enter the e-mail address you want to use later as administrator. This will log you into the TERRA CLOUD Center.
Among other things, a confirmation email will be sent to this address. The password must consist of at least 8 characters.
Upper and lower case letters and numbers must be used.
In addition, at least one special character is necessary (Attention: Not all characters are recognized; Recommendation: ! $).

Contact information

Here you enter the standard information about yourself and your company. It is important to pay attention to the correct spelling of, for example, the federal state.
This information is necessary because there is a match between your information and the information we have on file.

Konto erstellen EN.png

Register as a dealer

In the "Wortmann AG customer number" field, please enter the customer number that is assigned to you at Wortmann AG.
If you have entered this number, the input field "Bank details" disappears.

Create account

Before you complete the registration and click on the "Create Account" button, you still need to read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
The same applies to the privacy policy. After completing the registration, a window will appear to confirm your successful registration.
. In addition, you will receive a mail in which you must confirm the registration. If this window does not appear or you do not receive the email, it may be that one or more details are incorrect.
. Then please check your information again. If you still receive error messages, please contact us at

Home page TERRA CLOUD Center 2.0

We have prepared a video for you for this purpose. You can download and watch the video on the following link:

The home page gives you an overview of current information, updates & maintenance, special promotions, as well as price lists, instructions & your contacts.
In the menu bar on the left edge you will find all the functions that the Terra Cloud Center has to offer.


Entering the MPN ID and Azure Tenant ID

We have prepared a video for you for this purpose. You can download and watch the video on the following link:

Important: This step is only relevant for the purchase of CSP licenses!!
To enter your MPN ID, first go to the Terra Cloud Center and click on the gear (Settings) in the bottom left corner.
Next, go to the item "My additional services" -> "Microsoft MPN ID + MPA".
After you have entered your MPN ID, click on the disk at the bottom of the tile to save it.
MPN nicht vorhanden EN.png

If you are already a Microsoft Indirect Channel Partner please follow this Scenario A.
If you get the error message "Already registered." follow this Scenario B.
If you do not have an MPN ID yet follow this link:
For more information, please also refer to the Scenario C.

In addition to this, you also need to deposit your Azure Tenant ID with us in the Cloud Center.
Under the settings (gear at the bottom right) -> My additional service settings -> Microsoft Indirect Reseller -> you will find a short guide.
. You can find your Azure Tenat ID in your Partner Center. To do this, log in with your Global Admin account.
Then navigate to the top right on the cogwheel -> Partner settings. Once the page has loaded, on the right side should be the item Clients or
. Tenants will appear, in this item is your Azure Tenant ID / Microsoft Tenant ID (a long cryptic number).
Please copy this into the Terra Cloud Center, enter your MPN ID if necessary and save the mask.

Create the end customer in TERRA CLOUD Center

We have prepared a video for you for this purpose. You can download and watch the video on the following link:

In order to book services for the customer via the Cloud Center, the customer must be created with all customer details. This includes the company name, the address and an email address.
Here it may be useful to enter a mail address to which you have access as a partner.
The customer management can be found on the left side of the screen under the factory icon. By clicking on the plus symbol you can create the customer.
At this time, Microsoft products cannot yet be booked.

Endkunden anlegen EN.png

Entering the Azure domain prefix

Important: The following steps are only relevant for CSP orders!
There are two options here;

  • Possibility 1 end customer is already using Microsoft 365
  • Possibility 2 End customer does not use Microsoft 365 yet

The Microsoft Azure domain prefix serves as the username in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, where the booked Microsoft 365 licenses are managed.
. First select the customer in the customer management and go to "Settings for additional services". There you proceed according to one of the following ways:

Customer has used Microsoft 365 before

In this case, a Microsoft 365 admin center should already exist and the customer should therefore also have an onmicrosoft domain.
So check the box "Use Microsoft domain". You now have the option to enter the existing domain.
Important here: It is not mandatory to enter the onmicrosoft domain, but always the domain that is marked as default in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center under Setup -> Domains.
. An e-mail with the confirmation link is then sent to the e-mail address stored in the Cloud Center by the end customer, via which the transfer of the delegated administration to Wortmann AG must be confirmed.
To do this, simply log in via the link with the global administrator credentials for the Admin Center and confirm the invitation there via "Authorize CSP".

Domäne vorhanden

After that, all you would need to do is click on "Verify Assignment" in our Cloud Center, this will verify that the domain entered is correct.
. You will find the item where you entered the domain before. If the domain is not the right one, please try the other domains stored in the Admin Center first. If you still experience an error, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer has not yet used Microsoft 365

If the customer does not already have an Azure domain prefix, simply leave the "Use Microsoft domain" checkbox blank.
In the field below you can now enter a desired prefix, for example the company name lower case and written together. Spaces or special characters are not allowed.
The domain must always be globally unique; if the field lights up red, the prefix entered has already been assigned.
Then you may need to expand your information (zip code, company additions, etc.).

When you submit your input, it takes a short moment for the Admin Center to be created. Sometimes it may be necessary to submit the input twice.
Only when the mask disappears the sending has worked.
If you then go to the settings for additional services again, you will find the login data for the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, which you can log into via

Kundendetails EN.png

Accepting the Microsoft Customer Agreement

Before you can book licenses for the customer, only one step is missing.
Since 31.01.2020, the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) must be confirmed by each end customer in order to be able to book and use Microsoft 365 services.

To do this, first select the "Settings" item (the cogwheel at the bottom left) and there "My additional service settings".
Here you will find the item "Microsoft Customer Agreement".
After clicking on this item, all the customers you have created will be listed, those for which the MCA has not yet been confirmed are marked in red.

Here you select the customer for which the confirmation is required.
You now have the choice to "send" the MCA, thereby a link is sent to the customer's stored mail address, through which he can make this confirmation himself, alternatively, the MCA "manually to confirm".
In that case, the customer would be immediately switched green.

Mca EN.png

Microsoft Admin Center logins

After successful license booking via the Terra Cloud Center, you can assign and further manage the licenses in the Admin Center, for this you need to log in to the Admin Center.
You can reach this via

We have prepared a video for you. You can download and watch this video at the following link:

As a reminder, the login data can be found in your customer under the tab "Settings for additional services".

Domäne engelegt EN.png

Create offer

To create a quote click on the tile in the top left corner and then click Quotes.
Under the item "New offer" enter the offer name and select the end customer.
. If you want to create a quote for an end customer that is not yet created in the Cloud Center, select your own company.
However, a doena must be linked here.

Angebot erstellen EN.png

Place order

We have prepared a video for you for this purpose. You can download and watch the video on the following link:

To trigger an order, first select the "Orders" item (the shopping cart) in the left column.
Here you then select the appropriate category e.g. "Microsoft Global CSP".
The usual Microsoft 365 products can then be found under "Microsoft CSP". Alternatively, education licenses for educational institutions and non-profit licenses for non-profit organizations are available.
Select the product you need there.
With a click on the product opens a view on which you can view more information about the product.
Here you can also now "add to cart and configure" the product by clicking on the appropriate button.
. Initially only the monthly price is displayed, in the shopping cart you can then switch to annual payment.

CSP 2019
O365 Premium, aus Datenschutzgründen wurden die Informationen zensiert

As soon as you have added the product to the shopping cart, the configuration mask opens automatically where you can adjust the number of licenses and addons.
After that, do not forget to save this configuration via the diskette at the bottom of the screen.
Following select the appropriate end customer and then enter an order name e.g. your contract number with the end customer.
Bestellung konfigurieren, aus Datenschutzgründen wurden die Informationen zensiert

More information

Are you missing a product in the Cloud Center, do you want to book an Azure Subscription, do you need more information about the products, do you have suggestions for improvement or something is unclear to you?
Our CSP team will be happy to help you in all cases, just contact us via or the 05744 944 198


The business model of the future is the cloud! Virtual machines, hosted servers or simple backup are now part of the standard offering in the WORTMANN AG data center.
Through the Cloud Solution Provider model (CSP), you can now also quickly and flexibly obtain licenses on a monthly basis from the Microsoft 365 product range, among others.
In TERRA Cloud Center, you can automate and easily manage customers and provision licenses within minutes
General contact CSP
Phone: 05744 944-198

Microsoft 365

Microsoft offers a wide range of options with its Microsoft 365 licenses.
In addition to the familiar Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, the individual plans include various other features.
These include online services such as Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, and Teams.
When purchased through the CSP model, both monthly and annual Microsoft 365 licenses are available in our Marketplace!

Perpetual/ Perpetual Subscription

For this purpose we have prepared a few short videos. You can download and watch these videos at the following link.

Until now, the classic licensing method has been volume licensing. Here, for example, Exchange or Windows servers including the associated access licenses were available.
With the new perpetual licenses, these products will also be bookable through the CSP model.
Here, the old familiar terms of use from OLP licensing still apply:
One-time payment for unlimited right of use, alternatively with Perpetual Subscription with term over 1 or 3 years and no Software Assurance included.
For more information, please contact our CSP team.


You can book and configure various virtual environments yourself via the Microsoft Azure Cloud.
This includes virtual machines, backups or even chatbots. For more information on booking an Azure subscription, please contact our CSP team!

Device as a Service (DaaS)

For this purpose we have prepared a few short videos. You can download and watch these videos at the following link.

With our DaaS offering in the TERRA CLOUD Center, we as WORTMANN AG and our partners are taking a further step towards mobile and flexible working.
The market in Germany has so far been characterized by one-off purchases and high investment costs.
However, with the availability of monthly licensing models such as Microsoft 365 products in the cloud solution provider model, the market has moved significantly in this direction.
Additional services and services are being used by more and more partners to create attractive total packages with Microsoft 365 products for end customers.
With the TERRA DaaS offering now available in the TERRA CLOUD Center, we are adding a key item to the range of offerings for partners: hardware.

Indirect sales partnership

To register as a Microsoft Indirect Sales Partner in the terra Cloud Center, please select the scenario that applies to you.
Subsequently, you must perform the general closing operations in the terra Cloud Center.

Scenario A: I am already a Microsoft Indirect Sales Partner

Step 1: Check if the Microsoft Partner Agreement is confirmed
Log in to the Microsoft Partner Center:
After logging in, you should receive a prompt to confirm the MPA. To check if you have already done this, you can check under "Settings" > "Partner settings".
Under the "Trading Partner Profile" tab, it should be noted that you have signed the Microsoft Partner Agreement.

Step 2: Establish indirect sales partnership with WORTMANN AG
In order for us to create new customers for you as an Indirect Reseller with Microsoft and place orders for these customers, you must connect to us as an Indirect Provider.
You can check this directly in the Microsoft Partner Center via the "Indirect Vendors" tab.
If Wortmann AG is already displayed to you as an indirect provider, you can proceed with the finalization work in the TERRA Cloud Center.
Otherwise, simply click on the following link, sign in with your Microsoft Partner Center login, and follow the further instructions:

Scenario B: I already have a Microsoft Partner Network ID (MPN)

Step 1: 'Onboarding' to the new Microsoft Partner Center
Please click on the following link:
If you are already registered for the Microsoft Partner Center, you will receive the message: "Already registered.
Navigate to Account Settings in the dashboard menu to begin setting up your account." Here you will follow the center's instructions.
If you have not yet registered, please follow the steps then indicated in the Microsoft Partner Center.
In any case, by completing these steps, you have then also accepted the Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA).

Step 2: Establish indirect sales partnership with WORTMANN AG
In order for us as an Indirect Provider to create new customers for you with Microsoft and place orders for you as an Indirect Sales Partner, you must connect with us.
To perform this process, simply click on the following link, log in with your Microsoft Partner Center login and follow the further instructions:

Scenario C: I don't have a Microsoft Partner Network ID (MPN) yet

Step 1: Register in the Microsoft Partner Network
If you would like to register as a Microsoft Partner for the first time, please click on the following link:
By completing this process, you also directly accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA).

Step 2: Establish indirect sales partnership with WORTMANN AG
In order for us as an Indirect Provider to create new customers for you with Microsoft and place orders for you as an Indirect Sales Partner, you must connect with us.
To perform this process, simply click on the following link, sign in with your Microsoft Partner Center login, and follow the further instructions:

Last Steps in TERRA Cloud Center

Step 3: Check with which MPN and Microsoft ID the MPA was accepted
. In the Microsoft Partner Center, click on the settings at the top right. Then click on "Partner Settings".
Under the item "Trading partner profile" you can see status and the date when the MPA was accepted.
At the same time, the location MPN (7-digit) with which the MPA was accepted is indicated there.
Under the item "Azure AD Profile" or "Clients" you will find your Microsoft ID as GUID (Globally Unique Identifier).
The Microsoft ID is also referred to as the Azure AD client ID."

4th step: deposit Microsoft ID and location MPN in TERRA CLOUD Center
In order for reconciliation to take place between your customers in the Microsoft Partner Center and the TERRA CLOUD Center, you will need to provide us with your location MPN and Microsoft ID.
To do this, log in at After logging in, you will find the settings at the bottom left. In it, please click on "My additional service settings".
You can use the "Microsoft MPN + MPA" function to store your MPN and check for the MPA.
You can then use the Microsoft Indirect Reseller feature to store your Microsoft ID and location MPN.

5th step: create distribution partnership to existing end customers
To view your existing end customers in your Microsoft Partner Center, you can use the "Microsoft Customers" feature in the TERRA CLOUD Center to view your end customers and check their partner status.
If the end customer is green, they should already be assigned to you as an Indirect Sales Partner. If the status is orange, he is currently still assigned to another sales partner.
Red status means that the end customer is not currently assigned to an Indirect Distributor.
Using the "Send Invitation" feature, you can send an invitation link to your end customer's contact that links you as an Indirect Sales Partner with Microsoft.
Once you have received confirmation from Microsoft, you can verify the status in the terra Cloud Center using the "Verify Sales Partnership" function.

At the end of these steps, you have confirmed the Microsoft Partner Agreement and connected to WORTMANN AG as an Indirect Reseller.
The deposited MPN will be used for all your future transactions.


question answer
I want to sell CSP licenses, what do I have to do? To sell CSP licenses you must meet certain requirements.
Here you will find everything you need to sell the licenses through us.
How can I cancel a CSP license? You can cancel both monthly and annual licenses via the "trash can icon". Cancelled orders will be deleted automatically after 3 months. Please contact us at if you want to reduce annual licenses, this can only be done by us! You can delete or cancel the license in the configuration of the order via the "trash can icon". Here it is not enough to simply set the number of licenses to 0!
I cannot reduce my order of annual licenses, why not? Annual licenses can only be reduced by us.
If you want to customize an order you can write us and we will customize it for you.
I am looking for an Office 365 Business Premium license but can't find it anymore? In February '20, Microsoft changed some names. Among them also the O365 Business Premium.
You can find a complete list of the new names here. Please note that the name change did not affect all products.
I have an end customer who needs an Education activation, what do I have to do? In this case, please send us an e-mail to with the name of the end customer and a request to activate the
EDU licenses as soon as you have created the end customer in the TCC. Some end customers may be required
to sign a document if it is not obvious that they are a school.
Please note a kindergarten/daycare center are not EDU eligible!
What are use-benefits in the EDU area? Use benefits are free student licenses that are provided to the end customer
when he licenses the entire teaching staff of a school. An overview of which teacher licenses come with which use benefits can be found here.
My EDU eligible end customer would like to have use benefits, how do I book them? To get use-benefits, first book the Faculty (teacher) licenses and then write us a mail,
that you want to have the use-benefits and we will book them for you.
My end customer is a non-profit organization and I want to book non-profit licenses for them, how should I proceed? In order to be able to book Non Profit licenses the end customer must be activated by Microsoft for the purchase of these.
This he can check here whether he is eligible and can also start the "selection process" there.
My new end customer already obtains CSP licenses through another Terra Partner, but now wants to switch to me, is that possible? Yes, for this we only need a completely filled out reseller change form, which you can find here.
Our end customer already obtains CSP licenses through another distributor, can I "move" them to Terra Cloud? No, moving the licenses from another distributor is not possible this way.
You have to create the end customer in the Terra Cloud Center and link the existing Microsoft Admin Center.
The licenses must then be booked again in the Terra Cloud Center.
I always get the error message "The Azure domain entered was not found" when I want to link the domain for an end customer who has already purchased Office licenses.
What am I doing wrong?
Probably you have not set the default domain of the end customer.
To check which is the default domain go to the Microsoft Admin Center of the end customer.
Under the item Setup / Settings there is the item Domains, the domain behind the (default) must be deposited with us in the Cloud Center.
Is it enough to set the number of licenses in an order to 0 to delete them? No, to delete an order please always use the trash can icon in the respective mask.
There are two "trash cans", about the left the licenses are canceled immediately and about the right you can set a date, up to 30 days in the future, on which the order is then deleted.
Where is my data stored? This always depends on your location or that of the end customer.
For newly created .onmicrosoft domains, according to Microsoft, the data is always located in the German data centers (Frankfurt a. M. / Berlin). For Swiss end customers, the data is automatically always in the Swiss data center in Zurich.
All already existing accounts are located in one of the European centers in Dublin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt a. M. or Berlin.
What do I need for Teams Telephony? In order to be able to make calls via Teams, you need an Enterprise Plan and a telephone system (Phone System) booked with it.
In addition, a call plan (Callingplan) must be booked.
If you have any further questions, please send us an email to
Are there test licenses? Yes, there are various trial licenses, which can usually be used for 30 days.
You can also find them in our Cloud Center under Microsoft Global CSP -> Microsoft CSP -> Trial.
Can I combine different licenses with each other? Yes, you can book different licenses for an end user and assign them in the M365 admin interface.
Not all employees of a company must be assigned the same licenses.
What are MPN and MPA and what do I need them for? The MPN is the Microsoft Partner Network ID, which is so to speak your identity card at Microsoft.
The MPA is the Microsoft Partner Agreement, which contains the terms and conditions of Microsoft for the sale of CSP licenses.
Both must be mandatory to be able to sell CSP licenses.
How can I view the location of my data? In the respective admin center under the item Settings -> Organization settings -> Organization profile -> Data storage location can be checked where the data is stored.
What does the provision date mean? The deployment date is the date on which the licenses can be used.
If I cancel a license, how long can the end customer continue to use it? If a license is cancelled, it can immediately no longer be used.
How can I find out when my annual licenses expire? You will always receive a mail from us one month before your licenses expire,
that they will expire and be renewed automatically if they are not cancelled.
If you had Annual licenses from the beginning you can find out the Renewel date by the order number.
B2020093000100 this license would renew on 09/30/2021. B2020.09.30.00100